Hands on learning is always the best way to learn but I am also a great fan of
building skills with online learning too so and having taken a lot of Craftsy classes I
thought it was the right time to affiliate with them to bring you some amazing online classes.  


 They have an AMAZING collection of classes focused on Cake Decorating &  their classes are taught by world class instructors who you'd never get a chance to learn from otherwise!


I get discount links for many of the classes on Craftsy and will always share any discounted classes with you on social media.

I've taken lots of Craftsy classes over the years, not just cake decorating classes!  They offer classes in a huge range of other crafts including sewing and knitting, cookery and photography!

Stuck for ideas for presents?


Craftsy classes are the ideal gift and you can gift ANY class on the craftsy platform!  Its so simple...


And if you create a wishlist then you'll never get a pair of socks for christmas again!

(or post-its in my case - yes my husband did actually buy me post-its 2 Christmas's in a row!)

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