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We know cake decorating is an expensive hobby and there are always gadgets you just have to have but this is our top pick of our favourite products and ingredients and we are delighted to be affiliated with Amazon so you can buy them all direct by clicking on the link.



These are my essential items for piping with buttercream and royal icing.  My 'go to' nozzles are the flower nozzle (2D) and grass nozzle for buttercream and I have a selection of sizes for royal icing too.






When using colours for your buttercream, royal icing or fondant ALWAYS use gel paste colours.  These starter kits are a great way to begin your collection!

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Working With


If you are working with fondant regularly for your cakes and cupcakes you are going to need everything on the top row plus a few select items from the rest of this selection.
















My favourite cutters are the Blossom Sugar Art flower cutters and Amazon sells lots of them at great prices!

Their lustre dusts are lovely too!

Big Cake


These are my 'must have' items for working with big cakes.  I personally can't make a cake look professional without them!

You might also find these useful if you are making tiered or stacked cakes.

What else???

There is always something to buy when it comes to cake decorating so here's my pick of the best..

Embossing mats - again there are LOTS of these available and you'll find them in the card making section of your local hobby shops.  These are a small selection of pretty ones I like!

Edible lace. There are LOTS of different mats & types of lace mixure on the market, these are my favourites.

These new cupcake bouquet boxes look incredible and what a fab idea to save the faff of making your own!

This is the best airbrush on the market in my opinion.  

I have this and love it!

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