I "Baked a Smile"

I've been a big supporter of "Baking a Smile" ever since I first saw their Facebook page. Since then I, along with my Cake Club buddies, have helped raise awareness and money for them.  


Baking a smile is run by an amazing lady called Sophie who wanted to use her love of the baking industry to help put a smile on the faces of children who have life limiting or life threatening conditions and their siblings.


2 weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook, a baker was needed to make a cake for a little boy in Portslade, just down the road from me.


The little boy was a 4 year old called Peter, he was diagnosed on 14th May this year with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and had undergone 6 months of gruelling chemo during which he was very poorly and his mummy very nearly lost him. The majority of those 6 months was spent as an inpatient in St George's, Royal Marsden Sutton or The Alex in Brighton. 

Now Peter has finished treatment and is in remission, his hair is growing back and he is starting to return to being a normal happy cheeky little boy. 


His family were planning a big party to celebrate his birthday and the end of his treatment and wanted a cake for the party.


The brief... Chocolate cake, superhero themed!  


This was the design I knocked up on my computer (yes my computer skills leave a LOT to be desired).  Spiderman looks like he is depressed as I drew the eyes on at the wrong angle!


I'd never attempted a square cake before and to be doing one on such an important cake seemed a bit crazy but I do love a challenge (or at least I did)


I'm not going to lie, this cake nearly took my cake mojo completely!  Square cakes are MUCH harder than I anticipated and it would have been a disaster had I not had my trustee acetate smoothers on hand!


I had so many grand ideas, the spiderman web was supposed to be piped royal icing but I just ran out of time so ended up painting it on (at least his eyes were right this time though!)  


I decided to try and make the Batman logo seem like it was being shone into the sky but it wouldn't dry in time so it ended up being stuck directly to the cake.


But despite all those things, the end result was far better than I had hoped for!


Peter and his Mum, Kirsten, came to collect the cake and Peter was a bit stunned I think!  He couldn't quite believe it was all for him and kept asking me which one was his! 


Kirsten posted this lovely feedback on my Facebook page today "The King family would like to say a massive thank you to Laura for making such a superb cake. Peter had a fabulous party yesterday and the cake got ALOT of attention, he has taken the leftovers to nursery today to share with friends that could not join him yesterday. It tasted as good as it looked (and there were lots of comments about the sharp edges). Peter has spent the last 6 months fighting Leukemia and yesterday you made our little superhero very happy. Please spread the word about Baking A Smile everyone, its a great concept. Thanks again Laura."




Baking a smile is probably one of the loveliest charities you can come across, being able to make a cake for a celebration for a family going through a tough time is such an honour. I hope lots of you will consider signing up to their register as well.



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