A quick Christmas tutorial

I'm feeling a little bit festive today so wanted to share a very quick tutorial with you so you can make some cute but simple Christmas cupcake toppers!  A box full of Santa's belly cupcakes is a fantastic gift idea for your kids teachers!



This is my favourite topper to make as its so easy!


You will need:


Fondant - Red, Black and either Yellow or White - all pre-treated with gum trag or Tylose

Foam Dome Formers 


78mm circle cutter

Craft knife or pizza wheel

Edible glue

Glue brush

Palette knife

Edible black pearls

Gold lustre spray, powder or edible paint

Cupcake and buttercream





Roll your red fondant out to approx 3mm thick, use your 78mm circle cutter to cut a nice round circle.  (try not to allow this to go out of shape)




Using your brush, or palette knife or anything else handy push a line down the centre of your circle


Place your circle over your foam dome former ensuring it is central.  Then use the side of your hand to gently form a dome shape.  Avoid using your fingers as you risk pulling it out of shape and putting finger prints into it!


Use the end of your palette knife to put 4 small crosses over the middle strip of your topper as shown - this is where the buttons will go later on.


Kneed your black fondant and then roll a sausage with it. Use your rolling pin to roll the sausage flat - approx 1mm thick.  This will form the belt.


Use a craft knife or pizza wheel to cut a strip from your black fondant.


Attach your black belt to the topper with some edible glue.


Take your yellow or white fondant and roll to approx 2/3mm thick.  Cut a buckle using either a craft knife or two different sized square cutters as shown.



Use your gold lustre or paint to colour the buckle then apply with glue to your topper.


Stick on some large black pearls as buttons - or you could make some using a button mould if you have time.


If you would like the belt to shine then paint on a couple of thin layers of confectioners glaze. (Top Tip:  Clean your brush with rejuvenator spirit, dipping solution or any other food grade iso-propyl alcohol to remove the glaze)


Leave your topper to dry for as long as you can - ideally over night but at least 1 hour.


To apply to your cupcake you just need to pipe some buttercream into the centre of your cupcake, higher rather than wide.  You need to it be high enough to reach the top of the inside of your dome but you don't want to add lots of buttercream as it will all seep out of the sides if you do!


You can make these toppers well in advance, just be sure to store them in a container that allows air to circulate - a cardboard cake box is ideal. Tupperware or tin will allow the fondant to sweat so not recommended.  




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