Getting off auto!



I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic food photography course at Sam's Kitchen this weekend and it was so good I felt I had to tell you all about it! 



Sam is a well known baker and blogger who takes amazing photos of her bakes & I have followed her page for quite some time now.  Her photographs always make me want to lick the laptop screen and I've long hoped that my photos could have a similar effect but having a DSLR that I have no idea how to use meant that was unlikely!  



My photos have always been taken on auto with very little thought put into how it would look at all (see below!!) and if and when I managed to get a decent shot it was always by luck rather than anything else, and not something I could repeat!


Luckily for me Gavin & Sam are excellent teachers and within the first 10 minutes of the class starting we were already off auto (and will never be back there again if I can help it!)


The class was fantastic, with lots of hands on practical work with us taking photos of Sam's delicious treats with her help to stylise the shot and add some designer crumbs and Gavin helping us to use our cameras properly - adjust settings, getting the best light etc.


I managed this shot within the first 1/2 hour and was pretty pleased with it..



Sam had some excellent suggestions on how to add interest to our photos so expect to see me in stocking up on sprinkles and accessories over the next few weeks!



I promise I will NEVER take photos of cupcakes in the box again!!  


After each set up Gavin  guided us through using photoshop to get the best edit from our shots which was fantastic for someone like me who never notices the blemishes until its too late!   Who knew you could remove a sprinkle from a photo AFTER you've eaten the cake!! 


 Spot the difference???



I couldn't get to grips with photographing bread, apparently one of the hardest foods to take photos of, but I am sure my cake photos from now on will be FAR superiour to my previous ones and I will be updating all the pictures on my website over the next few months to prove it!


In the 3 days since attending this class I can 100% say my photos have already improved, I took these two photos today, even without designer sprinkles I am quite pleased with them!




I cannot recommend this class highly enough - if you are serious about your cakes and want to make sure you've got excellent photos to show your customers or just to keep for yourself then do these 3 things...

  • Cover your cake board (you know how I hate silver cake boards!)

  • Get yourself a decent camera - NO iphone photos please

  • Book onto on this class!

I was lucky enough to be joined by a lovely bunch of people in my class including Hannah from Butter Beautiful, Sarah from Let's Cook at Home,  Sue from Jam's & Pans, Victoria from Victorious Cupakes, Paul, Steve and Alison, who after some gentle persuasion has just started her own blog which you can see here


Sam & Gavin - you are fantastic teachers, thank you both SO much!



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