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You may have noticed I have linked up with Craftsy.com and am promoting their online classes so I thought I'd take a minute to explain why!



Craftsy is an online education platform for a huge range of crafts including cake decorating, cooking, sewing, knitting, photography etc.  The list is endless!  They have over 500 video based classes that you can watch and learn from in the comfort of your own home which I think is great!


Of course the core of my business is my classes so you might think me sending you to watch a Craftsy class is a bit strange and will stop you from coming to one of my classes! Well I actually see them as a great addition to my hands on classes and an additional way that you can advance the skills you've picked up from my classes and of course gain even more too.


Lots of my past students come back to me time and again but once they hit a plateau of what they can learn in my classes they are stuck as to where to go next and I think this is the perfect solution.  Craftsy classes are taught by some of the worlds greatest cake decorators, people that you would never usually get the chance to learn from!


I hope my classes are great for you to start on your cake making journey but there are only so many classes I can fit into a week so I'm never going to be able to teach you everything there is to learn!  Plus these online classes are yours to access forever so you can watch them at your own leisure and go back to them when you want a refresher!


Have a look at the classes Craftsy have on offer - whether it is cake decorating or sewing, photography or jewellery making, there really is something for everyone!


Oh and you can also gift a class to someone simply by clicking on the 'buy as a gift' option!  The recipent will recieve an email from Craftsy on the date you specify so its great for gifts for friends or family that don't live nearby!



Here's some free classes for you to try just so you can see what all the fuss is about!

Of course I don't promote them just for fun, I do get a small payment from every class that is sold via my website and I am hugely greatful to everyone who chooses to take a class via my website.  It may never make me a millionaire but it is  great way for me to subsidise my website and help you guys learn some new skills at the same time!  So if you do enjoy these classes and fancy signing up for more, please just click any of the craftsy links on my page!


Thank you and happy baking! 

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