Happy New Year!

Well didn't 2015 whizz by in the quickest of quick flashes!   Can't believe 2016 is here already!  


This year is already looking busy and fun filled with new classes, wedding cakes and other ventures too so I thought I'd do a very quick new year round up to let you all know whats happening here in the Enchanted Cupcakes kitchen!


This month see the arrival of our long awaited brand new classes, the glitz and glam class and of course the superheroes class and I can't wait to see what you all create during these workshops as well as afterwards.


Its always so lovely to see how everyone recreates them at home or takes something from each class to create a whole new collection of cupcakes so please keep posting your photos in our secret student forum if you've attended a class! 


Last year I became a Crafts affiliate as you know,

and as I don't like to recomment something I've not used myself I enrolled myself in lots of classes, which I took great pleasure in watching over the Christmas break! They're like cake porn, I watch them when everyone else is asleep and I am under the duvet with my ipad and headphones on!  My favourites are definately Elisa Strauss Designer Cake Class and I found myself watching  Jessica Harris's Clean & simple collection over and over! I also took a few non-cake classes which I thoroughly enjoyed!



I've just signed up to the new Mike McCarey class Simple Techniques for Super Cakes which I am sure you guys will LOVE - I've only just watched the intro so far but it looks great and I am a HUGE fan of Mike's having been to one of his workshops at the Cake & Bake show a few years ago!  



Over Christmas I also got more involved in other crafts and set up my new sideline - The Little Light Factory!  I just love these cute little lights and have been making them in all sorts of patterns and colours!  They look cute in a lovely kiddy print in a baby room yet stylist in some neutral shades in a lounge or dining room!


If you fancy having your own bespoke set, I'm doing a special offer for January - £22 for a set (usually £29) so get in touch to discuss what colour or theme you'd like! 




Later this year I am making possibly the most important cake I've ever made... scrap that, there's no doubt... it IS THE most important cake I've ever made!  One of my lovely friends is getting married so I am cheif cake maker which I am equaly excited and nervous about, not least beause I have to take it all the way from here to Bath for the big day!  How am I going to manage that without damaging it?? Answers on a postcard please!   


So this year is looking great and just as busy and hectic as 2015 - I hope your year will be as exciting as mine and will include as much cake as I intend mine to - whether its making it, buying it or just eating it! 




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