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Thinking of taking up a new hobby?  Here's why you should choose cake decorating!


  1. Remember how much fun Play-Doh was when you were a kid?  The adult version is making models with fondant icing - AND bonus... you get to eat it afterwards!

  2. You can do it in the comfort of your own home!

  3. You can learn for FREE - YouTube has literally thousands of free tutorials for you to follow.

  4. Or you can learn in a group setting and make some new friends along the way!  We hold classes in Worthing, West Sussex but you've probably got a cake decorating school local to you!

  5. You'll no longer be 'that Mum' who donated Tesco donuts to the school bake sale 

  6. Once you can decorate a cake or cupcakes you NEVER need to worry about teachers gifts again!  Just knock up a box of cupcakes and you're good to go!

  7. You'll never buy an ugly supermarket birthday cake again!

  8. You could turn it into a business if you really enjoy it and work from home!

  9. You can make your own wedding cake (although we wouldn't recommend that!)

  10. On a diet?  Doesn't matter - you can give away the cakes you make!

  11. Not on a diet? Bonus, you get to taste test everything you bake!

  12. You'll have the perfect gift for all occasions

  13. You'll be able to decorate your own Christmas cake

  14. Your kids will think you are awesome!

  15. Work colleagues will be your best friends when you turn up with (more) cakes for them to sample

  16. You can help raise funds for charity by hosting a bake sale

  17. Cake decorating can help relieve stress

  18. You'll have something fun to teach your kids

  19. Pinterest will have new added meaning in your life

  20. You could become a Bake Off star!

    If we've managed to convince you, come and check out our classes - we'd love to meet you in 2017! 

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