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If you are a novice cake decorator, you might find the wealth of information online overwhelming so read on for our top 5 tips for getting started on your road to cake decorating heaven!


1: Don't attempt too many new things at once.

Find a technique you want to learn and perfect it before you move on to something else. Whether that is piping the perfect buttercream swirl, making a beautiful sugar flower or perfecting your icing technique on a big cake.  If you attempt to learn too many things at once you will struggle to become confident in any of them. 


2. If you don't know what to learn first try buttercream piping.

Perfecting a buttercream rose swirl is the ideal first step.  Once you've got this technique down you can create amazing cupcakes in no time and your friends and family will think you've spent hours on them!  Plus you can use this technique on big cakes too!  That's why we always recommend our Beautiful Buttercream class as a first class for complete beginners.



















3. Take a class. 

Yes I know I am biased being a cake decorating teacher but there really is no substitute for hands on learning.  You can learn a lot from YouTube but unless there is someone on hand to tell you where you are going wrong you may find your creations don't turn out quite the same as the ones in the videos!  Plus you'll learn a whole load of tips and be able to ask questions if you are learning with an actual real life person!



4. Go easy on the glitter

We all love a bit of glitter but the one thing that makes your cakes look less like the ones on Pinterest and more like something your 5 year old has made is too much glitter!

Just a hit of sparkle is enough to give your cakes an edge, so dip a brush into your edible glitter and then tap it to sprinkle a small amount over your decorations!  When it comes to glitter, less is most definitely more!  We love to use this brush for glitter, it's just a cheap nail art brush which comes in a set for under £2 from Amazon buy here



5. Practice, practice, practice.

It's the only way you'll perfect your techniques.  You don't have to practice on a cake, you can buy dummy cakes in HobbyCraft and other stores to practice covering with icing. Practice piping onto a board or piece of greaseproof paper - if you're practicing with buttercream you can reuse it and keep refilling your bag until your technique is mastered. You could even practice modelling with playdough instead of icing if you wanted to get the kids involved! 



If you are struggling with any aspect of cake decorating, or if you're a beginner wondering where to start, please get in touch! 








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