Start Your Own Cake Business


So you are thinking about starting a cake business? This is amazing and before I go any further I just want to say well done.  You might not have taken the plunge yet but the hardest part is making the decision to 'just do it'


Here are 5 reasons you should go for it and start your own cake business...


  1. You can work from home
    This one is pretty obvious of course and being able to work from home has some major advantages!

  2. You can work around your own schedule
    Well this one might actually not be entirely true - you need to work around your cake's schedule but you can take on the cakes that fit in with your life and turn down those one's that don't.  You might find you are still working unsociable hours unless you plan well ahead and are very strict with yourself though.  My blog about how to plan your cake week might help you with this.

  3. .You'll finally be able to justify all that cake decorating equipment you own
    And you'll be able to buy more!!  Plus you might be able to set some of it against your business - ask your accountant for guidance on that! 

  4. You will be able to be part of someones special occasions
    Seeing the look on peoples faces when you show them the cake which will form the central piece of their celebration is something you can't put a price on. Whether its a wedding cake, birthday cake or any other special day the importance the cake plays is something you just don't realise until you are delivering it and see how impressed your customer is.

  5. You already have your own customer base!
    This might sound strange but without doing any advertising you 100% already have your own customer base.  It might be your work mates, people at your children's school or simply your Facebook friends list.  As soon as you make it known to them that you can provide them with a cake for any of their special days.. without the hideous ingredients list on a supermarket cake.. you will have orders piling up!  And of course you can always advertise too!

If that has convinced you to find out more about starting your own cake business, download my full guide to help you through the whole process!  


And remember even if you consider yourself to be a hobby baker and are only asking money to cover the cost of ingredients there are still things you have to do by law. You must as your council about having your kitchen inspected (which is not half as scary as it sounds) and you might have to register with HMRC despite not making a profit.  More info in the guide.



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