Got A KitchenAid? Read This..


KitchenAids.. you either love them or hate them.  


I love how mine looks, its soooo pretty!  But I hate how much mess it makes!


The lid they sell for it is as useful as a chocolate tea pot - clearly just a money making idea that no one thought through properly!


Anyway, my kitchen being covered in icing sugar every time I made buttercream (which I do A LOT) I decided I needed a hack...


I tried a tea towel - dry was useless, damp worked okay.  But it meant I had to wash it afterwards.


Elasticated showercap with a hole cut in it - had heard about this from many people. Worked ok but still got mess everywhere when I removed it as the icing sugar gathered in the elastic bit, plus.. I had to wash it afterwards


Eventually I did this.. and when I shared it on Facebook people went nuts!  Apparently it's genius?  I didn't think so!  


Anyway.... next time you are using your KitchenAid and don't want to end up in a cloud of icing sugar , try it...




See told you there was nothing genius about it!!! 







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