10 Amazing Unicorn Edibles


Unicorns have taken the food industry by storm over the past few months and we've seen rainbow unicorn food and drinks all over Instagram and Facebook, so here is my round-up of the 10 best rainbow unicorn themed foods for 2017!


Undoutedly one of my favourite unicorn themed cakes.  I have seen this one from With Love And Confection reposted time and again and everytime I see it I am obssessed with the wings!  


The water colour effect on this unicorn cake from Truly Scrumptious Cakes by Design is stunning and such a lovely take on a rainbow I think.




Mac Lab Bakery sent the intenet macaron crazy when they posted these amazing unicorn macarons on instagram, and you can see why!  Aren't the just beautiful!


But these unicorn macarons with wings from With Love And Confection sent me over the edge... never seen anything so cute!!  


These rainbow unicorn lattes were revealed by the (delicious) juiceman himself Andrew Cooper on ITV's This Morning this week, not going to lie, I have no idea what he put in them as I was too busy looking at him!!  But you can get the recipes here
And you could make yours look even more unicorn-rainbow-esque by adding sprinkles and stars like The End Brooklyn do!

Unicorn rainbow toast from vibrandandpure  is my idea of heaven!  This one is rainbow cream cheese made with beet, turmeric & spirulina but you could easily just add food colourings - imagine it with rainbow buttercream spread (calorific but amazing!)  


 Unicorn donuts are everything... forget Krispy Kreme.. this is where its at!


 Unicorn coffee art is a thing!  Not sure Starbucks do it... but they should!




If you're in the mood for unicorn making check out this simple tutorial from Sugar High Inc


If you want to make some simple unicorn themed cupcakes, check out our free tutorial for these cute buttercream cupcakes!




And if these haven't satisfied your Unicorn cravings then check out my unicorn class.., and drop me a line if you fancy joining the waiting list for the next class!







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