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Today is the best day of the year... not Christmas.,, not my birthday,,, nope, far better that that... today is... 




So to celebrate such an auspicious occasion I am sharing with you the best chocolate cake recipe I've ever used... this was shared with me by a great friend several years ago and I've been baking it (and eating it) ever since, it's the best chocolate cake recipe I've ever used!


You'll notice that one of the ingredients is coffee and I am always asked whether this leads the cake to have a coffee flavour, believe me it really doesn't.  What it does do is magically give the cake a much deeper chocolate flavour so don't leave it out!


One thing I would point out about this recipe is that I use margarine.  Now, I am really not a fan of using margarine and would always usually choose butter over marge in all my baking, but for some reason the margarine in this cake really does make a difference. So for chocolate cakes I always use marge but I stick with butter for all other baking.  If you are dead against margarine then go with butter, it'll still be an amazing cake!


I tend to use this lovely supreme sponge flour whenever I can as I think it really does make a difference to the texture of the sponge. I never bother to sieve my flour though, maybe because I'm lazy but also because I genuinely don't think it makes any difference when you do!  


You'll notice that the recipe does advise you to sieve the cocoa and I would definitely make sure you do that as cocoa can sometimes be a bit lumpy.  You can use any cocoa for this recipe but do make sure it is cocoa and not hot chocolate, which is far sweeter.  My preferred cocoa powder is Green & Blacks but any cocoa powder will work well.


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Rich Chocolate Fudge Cake


200g Caster Sugar

200g Soft brown sugar

400g Margarine or butter (I use Flora original)

360g SR Flour

40g cocoa

2tsp instant coffee dissolved in a table spoon of hot water

6 large eggs


Pre-heat oven to 150 and grease and line a 7” round tin


Beat the sugars and margarine together until light and fluffy.


Slowly add the eggs and mix until combined.


Add the coffee, flour and sifted cocoa and mix well until fully combined.


Bake for 1-2 hours (will depend on your oven)


Do NOT open the oven door until at least one hour has passed. Check regularly to see if the middle is cooked through.


Check it is fully cooked with a skewer before removing from oven.


As soon as it is cool enough to remove from tin wrap it well in cling film and either pop straight into the freezer or allow to cool fully at room temperature. The clingfilm will retain the moisture and make it a nice moist and fudgy cake and freezing it will retain all that moisture until you need to use the cake.


I freeze all my cakes even if I am using them the following day!


Split into 3 layers and fill with a delicious chocolate buttercream or ganache filling.  This cake is great to cover with icing too!  If you'd like to know more about how to work with big cakes including how to ganache and cover your cake check out our BIG CAKE CLASS


 This cake should last up to 2 weeks once ganached and covered with fondant icing!



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