9 Buttercream Flavours


Whether you call it buttercream, frosting or simply icing, the combination of butter and sugar is something of pure joy!  Add some flavours in and it can turn a simple vanilla cupcake into a flavour explosion without even having to adjust your cake mix, making it simple to offer several flavours without any additional baking!


My favourite buttercream flavour without a doubt is chocolate (obv) but did you know you can adjust the flavour of your chocolate buttercream simply by using different brands of chocolate?  If you are a galaxy girl then use melted galaxy chocolate, if you prefer cadburys then thats fine too.. and if you are (like me) a lover of dark chocolate then add in some good quality melted dark chocolate for a really rich flavour.


There are some incredibly complicated ways to make flavoured buttercreams including making your own fruit compotes or syrups, I just don't have the time for all that but if you do, then Pinterest is a great place to find delicious recipes for buttercream (and other things).


The flavouring combinations in my simple chart below can be added to my recipe for the best buttercream ever which is based on a simple ratio.


Make your base with 250g of salted butter (I prefer Lurpak) and 500g icing sugar and then add flavours as follows:


Any of the flavours which call for milk will have a shortened shelf life of approx 3-5 days but the others should be fine to store in the fridge for a few weeks (check the date on the butter for the expiry date) or in the freezer for a couple of months (if you can resist eating it straight away with a spoon!)



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