Using Ribbon On Your Cakes


One simple way to make your home baked cakes look more professional is to finish them off with a ribbon trim.  This goes for your cake boards as well which, if you've been to one of my classes you'll know, should always be covered with fondant... never leave your silver cake board uncovered!


You can use glue or double sided tape to attach your ribbon to the cake board, because that is designed not to be eaten!  To attach the ribbon to your cake you will need to use royal icing, edible glue or piping gel.  My preferance would always be royal icing.  I would never recommend using a pin to fix your ribbon incase small children get hold of it.


The chart below will give you a rough guide to how much ribbon you will need for various sizes of cakes and cakeboards.


You'll notice you will need more ribbon for your cakes than for your boards. this is because once your cake is covered with icing, it will be larger than the size of the base board you built it on.


I have only provided measurements for round and square cakes as these are the most common shapes I get asked about. 


You should allow extra for a bow, if required.


Cake board sizes are in inches, as thats the way we tend to speak about them but ribbon lenths are in metres as most shops will sell by the metre or half metre.



If you find this handy you can pin this here


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