6 Cake Tools You Already Own


Cake decorating can be an expensive hobby so here are 6 things you probably already have in your house which can be used for cake decorating!



Ribbon adds the finishing touch to any cake and can also be used to make your cake board look pretty.  But don't just limit yourself to traditional ribbon, consider lace and even twine too for a more rustic finish. Read this to find out more about how to use it and how much you'll need.


Pizza cutter

Pizza cutters are great for cutting fondant, and especially great for cutting straight lines.  


Use it for trimming excess fondant off big cakes or for cutting straight lines when making sugarpaste plaques.


Pizza cutters are especially because they won't pull your icing out of shape like a knife sometimes does.


Cupcake cases

Cupcake cases make great flower formers if you don't have a foam former.  And you can also make your own simple flower former by putting a peice of parchment over a cupcake tray as shown here.  Cupcake cases are great for holding larger flowers, and you can open them up a bit if needs be too! 

Sandwich bags 

Not got a piping bag handy? Grab a sandwich bag instead.  Just fill it with your buttercream or royal icing, snip the end off and use it like a normal piping bag!  Not got any sandwich bags?  No problem!  You can make your own piping bags with some parchment or greaseproof paper following this simple video tutorial.  Whilste these are ideal for royal icing, I'm not sure they'd be so great for piping large quantities of buttercream so you might want to order these for next day delivery instead! 




If you can't wait for the piping bags to arrive to create some stunning cupcakes then just grab a normal table knife to add your buttercream to a cupcake.  You could even make it ultra posh by doing a signature Hummingbird Bakery wirl with your knife!

Crystal glasses.  

I spotted this on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant, but I wouldn't just use it for cookies, this is a brilliant way to emboss your fondant to make a pretty dome! This is probably my favourite hack so far, just wish I'd kept some of my Nans crystal glasses now! 

 I hope these ideas help with your baking and look forward to seeing your creations.





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